My New Year’s Resolutions


Hello everyone:


So today I’m gonna tell ya’ll my new year’s resolutions. Because I need to improve lots of things. I’m gonna make 10 resolutions so hope you enjoy (and I hope them not to be lame):

  1.  I’m gonna to read more books in 2016. I like to read, but I don’t read THAT much.
  2.  I’m going to study just a little bit more. I get good marks, but sometimes I feel like I could do it better.
  3.  I’ll dance more often. It kinda releases stress in exam season.
  4.  I’m going to keep improving my English.
  5.  I hope to make my (hot) teacher remember my name at once (this is the second year with that teacher and he still doesn’t know my name).
  6.  I’ll try to not be lame in my next posts (because sometimes I think they’re kind lame).
  7.  I hope to get more followers next year.
  8.  I’m gonna try not to…

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Why #MerryChristmasStarbucks is Everything Wrong with American Christianity


#MerryChristmasStarbucks Blog Photo

A few days ago, former pastor Joshua Feuerstein posted a video announcing a campaign against Starbucks due to their switch from festive holiday cups in previous years to a new plain red look for the 2015 holiday season. In the video, Feuerstein claims that Starbucks wanted to “take Christ and Christmas off of their brand new cups” because, according to the caption on his video, “they hate Jesus.”

Feuerstein goes on to explain that when he visited a Starbucks store, he told the employee making his drink that his name was “Merry Christmas” so that his cup would read “Merry Christmas.” He later says “Guess what, Starbucks? Just to offend you, I made sure to wear my Jesus Christ shirt into your store, and, since you hate the 2nd Amendment, I even carried my gun!” Three days after the initial post of the video, it has over 130,000 likes and 380,000 shares. Feuerstein…

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Dynamite and Prayers


Dynamite and Prayers is the title of photographer Max Becherer’s stunning new book.

Dynamite and Prayers cover BLOG

Although the subject is the emerald miners of Afghanistan, Max’s storytelling transports us to a sweeping landscape few of us can even imagine — and unveils the true cost of war.

Max Becherer rainbow spread

I’ve had the privilege of working with many world-class photographers, but Max is one of only two I know personally who have chosen to focus on war. He’s captured some of the most famous images of the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan — his C.V. is full of names like Baghdad and Fallujah — and in the process he’s repeatedly risked his life.

A war photographer’s work is obviously taxing: While everyone around you is trying to either kill or survive, your job is to watch and record. Over time, it can take a toll on your humanity.

But in Max’s case, exposure to war…

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Why Aziz Ansari Has Destroyed My Chances, And Why He Is So So Important:

Arnab Chanda

Throughout my life, even though we’ve never met, Aziz Ansari has consistently beaten me to the punch. It’s becoming a theme. A sometimes very annoying theme. Although, for various reasons I’ll discuss below, I do believe he has been the most important Indian Comedy Actor in the past 10 years.

In his new series on Netflix, Master of None, Aziz Ansari says “There can only be two,” referring to the idea that there can only ever be 2 Indians in one show at any point, max. Studio Executives and Networks are afraid to put any more than that, and they’re afraid most of the time, to even put one on.

I remember when I started doing stand-up in New York City in 2003, and after watching me, a fellow comic asked me “Oh, do you know Aziz Ansari? He’s an young Indian stand up as well.” Aziz was another…

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